When I use the term “city government”, I intentionally include the word “our”, because it is our government. 

We, the people, have a God-given right to demand the best government possible.  Why?  Because it is truly our government. 

My vision of our city government is one that is transparent and responsive to the needs of its citizens.  This vision also places at a high premium the absolute importance of having the very best police, fire and other first responder organizations that keep our citizens safe.  Our city government must recognize that in order to have the best police and fire departments, they must do everything reasonable to attract and retain the best people.

I want our city government to be truly “business friendly”. 

It must promote an atmosphere that encourages and welcomes the most important component of our business community – the local business owner.

I purposely use the letter 4 in practically every posting or document that I have published since declaring my candidacy back in October 2021.  It’s symbolic in several ways:

First, it indicates the Place in which I am seeking election for – Place 4.  That’s obviously important, but not the most important reason for the number 4.

I am seeking to run 4 the city, not against a person.  Although our views on what’s best for the city may be different, I do not have anything personally against my opponent, Mr. Whitney Laning.  He’s a good man who has done some good things specifically in the area of Emergency Management.  I just fundamentally disagree with his views and some of the decisions he has made as a Councilmember.

Unfortunately, we’ve become accustomed to viewing politics as a dirty word, and for good reason.  It would appear that the tactics of many who are seeking public office are based on the need to portray their opponent negatively and seek to win by tearing their competition down. That’s NOT who I am, and I will NOT do this!

Most importantly I use the number 4 to symbolize four pillars for which my campaign is built on.  I have spent a lifetime, especially during my twenty years as a U.S. Marine, devoting my energy and efforts to strengthening and solidifying these values. Think of these foundational pillars in the acrostic word C.A.R.E.  For the sake of driving home my point, I also insert the letter “I” in front of C.A.R.E.

I. C.A.R.E.

I – The letter “I” is important because it stands for “Intentional”. Intentional is a choice!

The most important things I do are done with the intent or purpose to see the task to its completion, or as we would view it in the military – accomplishing the mission.  The 4 pillars of C.A.R.E. are done with an intentional mindset. The best compliment I have ever received from another man came from a former Pastor who described me as an “Intentional Man”.  I will be intentional in applying C.A.R.E. to every facet of this campaign, as well as when I sit on the Council, if elected!

C. – Stands for Character. Applying Character in one’s life is a choice!

This word embodies a number of values we deem important in order to describe someone as a person of Character.  As a Marine leader we were constantly evaluated within the context of 14 leadership traits and 11 leadership principles.  I won’t list them all, but they include important leadership traits such as:  decisiveness, dependability, integrity and loyalty.  Additionally, we were guided with important leadership principles such as:  know yourself and seek self-improvement, set the example, make sound and timely decisions (to name a few). I have always sought to be “intentional” in living a life of Character.  A number of years ago I wrote a personal mission statement and what I wrote for Character serves as my motto:

“Character can never be casual – it must be LEARNED through life’s lessons; STRENGTHENED through habit and adversity, then exemplified to others through EXAMPLE!” 

A. – Stands for Accountability – Accountability is achieved through choice!

Very similar to responsibility with the one difference being that we must always hold ourselves accountability for our actions.  If we are responsible for carrying out a task and we fail to do so, we must be the first one to step up and hold ourselves accountable for that failure. There are going to be times when we, for whatever reason, fail in meeting our obligation.  When that happens, we must be the first person to own it.  Not only will I hold myself accountable for all that I do, but I will also seek to foster accountability of our city government to its citizens. 

R. Stands for Responsibility – Learning and living a life of responsibility starts with a choice!

Responsibility is interwoven with Accountability and when these two are present within an individual it produces another valuable trait – Dependability.  We give a strong and clear message to others that when we are assigned a responsibility to do something, and we hold ourselves accountable to fulfill that responsibility then others learn that they can depend upon us.  That’s how a culture of trust is formed and maintained.  The opposite of this is when we are given a responsibility and through our lack of effort and focus, we fail to live up to that responsibility.  When that happens, others will quickly learn that we are not dependable.  We break our trust with others and as a result we will see fewer opportunities come our way.  The thing about trust is this – it can take a long time to build and develop, but it only takes seconds to lose it.  I am first and foremost responsible to all citizens of Rowlett, whether they vote for me or not. Equally important is the need for our city government to have that same sense of responsibility to its citizens. 

E. – Stands for Engagement – Engagement is a choice!

This is a two-way street.  First, if I earn the trust and confidence of the voters of Rowlett to secure a seat on the council, then I will be committed to being and staying engaged in all matters related to the civic activities of our city.  I will remain engaged with our citizens in order to keep abreast of the challenges and issues they face.  The other side of this is my desire to encourage our citizens to be engaged in their government.  Obviously, there are a number of ways to increase engagement.  First, citizens can get involved in the various boards and commissions.  For a detailed look at what these are go to Boards and Commissions | Rowlett, TX – Official Website.

More citizens should become regular attendees at the two monthly council meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month).  Passionate and well thought out words during each meeting’s “citizen’s input” time is critical and can/does sway council members in how they decide an issue.  Your voice does matter! 

This is what I stand for and this is why I am running for City Council, Place 4 because I.C.A.R.E. for Rowlett.