Okay, a little disclaimer on the picture above.  Before you say, “I’ve never seen traffic this bad in Rowlett”, I will admit that the picture is a “slight” exaggeration of our traffic conditions here.  However, I am sure you will agree that this is what it feels like sometimes from the viewpoint of our windshield!

Infrastructure generally comprises things like local roads, streets, access roads, bridges and sidewalks. An expanded view would also include waste disposal, water and sewer, etc.

For the purposes of this topic, allow me to confine the discussion to local roads and streets because I believe that’s where attention is warranted and the public desires.

Both people and businesses want and deserve better infrastructure. It’s probably an understatement to say, but there are many streets and bridges that can no longer meet the demands of increased growth in our city’s population.  If I were to name many of these streets and locations, then this writing would read more like a novel. 

One such example is the stretch of Miller Road to Chiesa, east of George Bush.  Many whose travels take them on this journey (some might call it an adventure) will attest to how poor this portion of our road system is.  There are many complexities involved in improving infrastructure, with cost being the primary driver.

When you consider the fact that the bridge over the lake is under the control of the City of Dallas, then it adds more to the complexity since improvements must include coordination/agreement with Dallas.  I do not want to oversimply the problem, but I do believe we can do better.  City leaders must be more intentional in prioritizing improvements in this area of our city.

Yes, it is true that construction on Miller is planned for, but even if this happens soon and makes good progress, we’ll still have choke points since expansion/improvements for the bridge is still years away.

However, we can do better, and we need to be more intentional in prioritizing these projects and communicating status updates to the citizens.

Why is infrastructure so important? Well, strictly from a quality-of-life issue it’s important for people who already live here.  It’s also important for our current and future growth.

Rowlett is growing (population-wise) an average of 1.77% annually.  In 2020 our population was 69,765. In reality we are closer to 73,000 now in early 2022.  From the 2010 census to the 2020 census, Rowlett’s population increased by 24.14%.

We not only can, but we MUST do a better job improving our infrastructure.

This is why I am running, and therefore I humbly seek your support, your participation in this effort and your vote on May 7, 2022.